Making life hard for yourself.

Sometimes it seems like a developer has gone out of their way to make life difficult for themselves (and us poor long suffering DBAs). For example we have an audit trail of user actions in the database that contains xml. This almost makes sense except that the xml is stored in a blob, something like this for example….


As we have limited space these records are removed after 90 days but can be restored from the backups from up to ten years ago if required, however getting the data back is only part of the problem as we now need to read it. Being a helpful sort of chap I wrote a simple blob to clob function that allows us to get the xml out of the blob, what we get for the above is this:-

<field Name="I">DO</field>
<field Name="NOT">LIKE</field>
<field Name="DATA">PERvY3VtZW50Pg0KICA8ZmllbGQgTmFtZT0iQkVJTkciPkFibGUgdG8gcXVlcnkgbXkgZGF0YTwvZmllbGQ+DQo8L0RvY3VtZW50Pg==</filed>

So what is that DATA field in the middle?
Its a base64 encoded xml document, at this point I gave up and advised the developer that they would have to sort this out themselves as we have an xml document encoded into base64, put in a field in another xml document and then the whole thing is stored in a blob field. Attempting to get meaning out of this data via sql is going to be difficult and frustrating when we know exactly which record is required if someone wants to search the xml for a specific field then we are heading down the rabbit hole into madness especially as we have only attempted to decode a couple of entries so who knows what else is hiding in there.
So instead of shipping this data into the data warehouse we a stuck with backing it up onto tape and restoring it on request along with the front end tool that can read and display it, hopefully the development team won’t mind supporting ten years worth of front ends as well.

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