Bind Variable mismatch, nulls and oci

A short post on a frustrating issue that took a while to find the solution to. The developers made a small change to a table allowing nulls in 23 columns previously configured as not null. This resulted in a large number of bind mismatches and child cursors being generated, eventually giving rise to a serious performance issue.

After much discussion of the issue test cases, being told to tune the database flushing the shared pool finally a developer opened the code and took a look at the problem and found the reason for the bind mismatch was the oci null indicator, when the column value is set null a value of -1 was being passed, when a value was present a null pointer was passed. The optimiser sees these as bind mismatches giving 2^23 combinations of bind settings. Patching the code to pass a zero when a value is present rather than a null pointer prevents the bind mismatch and returned everything to normal.

One other issue found was the test configuration, due to the data distribution in test not generating the same variance in nulls/values in the binds this problem wasn’t found until the production release making the assorted workarounds necessary.

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